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Oliver M. Williams, Ph.D, LCSW, CHLC

Oliver M. Williams is a high energy behavioral health professional having served in the private and public human service arena for four decades. In working with individuals, groups and organizations, his approach includes a blending of evidence based western clinical strategies as well as eastern healing traditions, humanistic science, universal law and spiritual principles.

Dr. Williams offers a counseling service that assists clients in transforming problems into challenges and challenges into opportunities.  Through his compassionate use of the creative process, he works to invite clients to transcend into their greatest possibility.

Dr. Williams is:

Licensed as a behavioral health professional

Certified as a holistic life coach

Ordained as an Interfaith Minister

Author of two book: Miraculous Creating and Happy New You…!

Holds advanced credentials in spiritual life coaching, humanistic science, and energy healing practices

Doctor of the Spirit.


Services can be accessed through:

Better Help.com

Psychology Today.com  


For additional information contact at:

E-mail miraculouscreating@gmail.com

Phone 312-477-9371     WhatsApp +1(312)4779371